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Hollander heard Hojo’s creature approaching before he saw it - and felt it too, a weighty presence, its footsteps making the ground shake. He was thus mentally prepared for the incarnation of brute force that presently shuffled into view, closely followed by its creator. It was vaguely humanoid in shape, in the same way that a madouge was humanoid; bipedal, its upper body vast, muscular, broad-shouldered out of all proportion to its tiny bandy legs; hide hairless and tough like cured leather; head minute; face simian, expressionless. Each of its two hands had four fingers and an opposable thumb. The right hand clutched a mace. Around its waist it wore an embroidered loincloth, incongruously demure.  What was that loincloth supposed to be hiding? Was this thing an animal or wasn’t it?
Hojo’s face, blandly bored, was not the place to look for answers. Like Hollander, he was handcuffed, but unlike Hollander he managed to convey the impression that his shackles were irrelevant, a minor nuisance that he tolerated because objecting would be frivolous. You cannot, he would say, chain minds. 

From The Vivisectionists by Lic… But wow this pic does that fic no justice at all, so I may have to try again! Hope I haven’t disappointed you too much, Lic!
(Ref used is a panel from Hulk Season One.)

Oh this is brilliant! 
I still want to see Genesis playing with miss fire puppy, but this is very whoa. (I just really like puppies, lol)