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Cameoamalthea as Tinkerbell from Hook.
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Tinkerbell Cosplay with rufiozuko
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… the sissification fetish: the desire for men to be feminized and then degraded. The whole point of this kink is for men to be treated how women are, to be degraded how they are degraded in porn and in real life.

Obviously that hits home with me. I am a woman. I experience this daily.

So to have a man tell me he wants to be sissified, is difficult because as soon as we are done he gets to take off the costume. He gets to be a man again. His privilege is so prevalent that he can wear my gender to get him off and then be able to take it off whenever he wants. While I remain a woman.

As a Feminist it’s important for me to be constantly critiquing my kinks and the kink community. Which can be difficult because a lot of fetishes challenge my very staunch feelings on these issues. It’s also difficult because a lot of people in the kink community don’t want to critique the problems, because it causes them to have to think twice about themselves.


(Diary of a Femdom - x)

His privilege is so prevalent that he can wear my gender to get him off and then be able to take it off whenever he wants. While I remain a woman.

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Many kinks originate in fear.

Something that scares us subconsciously morphs into something erotic, perhaps as a weird crossed-wired coping mechanism. This is why some rape victims have rape kinks, why some girls into bondage can think back and say “the scene in Sleep Beauty where the prince is chained up by the evil fairy freaked me out as a kid”, and why many kinks involve things generally seen as unpleasant be it spankings or feet.

While this critique is valid, I think it’s important to recognize that this kink is rooted in male fear. The fear of not being “manly enough”. The fear of not living up the rigid standards of “masculinity”. There’s no question that women Patriarchy oppresses women, but because masculinity is coded as good and femininity as bad in some ways men’s adherence to gender roles is more tightly policed. 

It’s easier to be a girl named Charlie than a boy named Susan, easier for a girl to dress in men’s clothes than a boy to wear a dress, because a “tom boy” girl is aspiring to masculinity which is coded as “good” where as a “sissy” boy expressing femininity is coded “bad”.

Rather than getting off the oppression of women or “wearing my gender” men into this kink are exploring being feminine, being “a girl” because being “girly” is something forbidden, something they are in reality ridiculed for and could be a way for them to cope with their own fears/trauma that result from the ways in which Patriarchy oppresses men. The fear of not being “man enough” the fear of failing to live up to the standards of masculinity. 


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Anonymous says:
what kinds of things do you and the rest of the organization do on your days off?


well, the remaining organization members once went to disneyworld

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sora and riku are best friends and also best boyfriends you get what i mean

giving each other high-fives after a victory? hell yeah

giving each other kisses after a victory? hell YEAH

October 18, 2014
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Me with rufiozuko

Day 1 of Comic Media Expo… My liaison, Sky.

bisexual-tylee JUST LOOK

Wait…she’s bisexual and named Skylar too?

yes she is!!

My name is Skylar and I’m bisexual. I love unicorns, Ty Lee, and other things LOL. I haven’t met that many other Skylars. 

This some doppleganger type shit HAHA. Hi I’m Skyler, I’m bisexual, I love unicorns and mermaids and Ty Lee :D Also YOU SLAYING AS TY LEE

Thank you! 
I’ve been wanting to cosplay her for years! When the con owner asked me to be Liaison for Dante it seemed like a good excuse to finally make this cosplay. I’m usually a panelists at cons, so going to a con not in cosplay even as staff just seemed weird but since I’d be with a guest all weekend I wanted to do something thematically fitting.
I’m doing Ty Lee again tomorrow and entering the masquerade since it’s after I’m off, then sunday doing something else related to another work Dante’s been in but I’m not saying what just yet because I’m seeing if my followers can guess based on my shitty work in progress pics. 
Anyway, yeah wow…we are apparently alike. So many coincidences!
Let’s be friends!
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