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imagine being rich and a fan of anime. like, millionaire. want a figure? buy ten. like what a characters wearing one episode? hello personal tailor. want some merch but u cant find anything cool? who cares. pay someone to make some just for u. completely in love with one character? buy a fucking custom-made life sized wax figure. oh man. the dream

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I can’t fucking stand it when people say stuff like “oh every 13 year old think they’re bi” because:

I didn’t.

I didn’t let myself DARE think it.

I was TERRIFIED to find myself attracted to multiple genders…

because biphobic assholes kept insisting bi wasn’t real and I thought something was horribly wrong with me.

And also that my family would disown me and I’d never have any kind of life past twenty because no one would ever settle down with me.

Here’s the thing, lots of people identify as things that aren’t what they identify as one thing only to find out later that something else fits better.

I identified as straight for a long time, I now identify as bi.

Some people identify as bi, and later identify as straight or gay.

It doesn’t make these identities less valid, it just means it takes time to figure out where you fit and we shouldn’t lock people into rigid identities. My husband identified as straight before we met our boyfriend, now he identifies as bi, because he likes some people who aren’t women. Obviously, no one says “ugh, everyone says they’re straight”. 

We’re all just figuring ourselves out, and of course some 13 year olds aren’t entirely sure what they like yet, let them identify however they want if they’re somewhere they feel safe to do so and be happy they have  safe space where they’re comfortable identifying outside the “norm”. 

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Don’t be upsetti, have some spaghetti

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Good Things

1) When we checked into the hotel they gave us free cookies. The cookies were delicious, warm and gooey, the chocolate chips perfectly melty. The Double Tree offers free cookies to guests and you’re allowed to ask for more.

2) My friend who went with me on this trip was super happy for the chance to be here because she loves road trips and gets to be close to Disney since going to Disney Land one day was her life long dream.

3) One of my friend’s friend’s bought her a ticket to go to Disney Land since we’re so close, so she actually gets to live her dream! I’m so happy for her and glad everything worked out this way.

4) My friend took me out for a nice dinner last night to thank me for letting her come along (and wouldn’t take no for an answer despite my insistence that she’s doing me a favor by coming with me and helping drive). For dinner we went to a Cajun Restaurant and I had filet mignon cooked blue rare, over crawfish mashed potatoes (there were little crawfish right in the potatoes and crawfish are one of my favorite things along side good steak that’s soft, red, and juicy), and pecan crusted pecans. My friend also asked if I could have some of the free Happy Birthday Beignets since I was taking the bar exam and that was worth celebrating and he agreed, so I got free beignets. They were warm, and sugary and perfectly fluffy. I also had half of her bread pudding, my favorite!

 5 When I ordered my drink I noticed our waiter’s accent from the way he said Arnold Palmer. I’m good at recognizing accents because I’m partially face blind I’m better at recognizing voices and patterns of speech instead. Since I was raised in the south I’m particularly good at southern accents. I was surprised someone at a “themed” restaurant was actually from New Orleans so I asked and he confirmed. I do love New Orleans accents, very pretty, then I said, “Oh I’m from Murfreesboro, outside of Nashville” and it turned out his brother had gone to the University there and I said, oh my Uncle teaches there and is a Dean, and we both had relatives who went to UT the other big state school in Tennessee. I like moments like that, where you recognize someone from the same region as you and find out little connections. It makes the world seem closer, more connected and more friendly because of that fact.

6) Downtown Disney is really cool! I loved the Lego Store with Disney Themed Lego sculptures and how excited that kid I spoke with (see chat post) got about the fire works and Tinker Bell. There’s something magical about a child who still believes in magic with all his heart, because it makes you believe in that world too.

7) I wore a Kingdom Hearts (358/2) shirt today and on the elevator one of the older attorneys there to supervise/administer the exam complimented me on it saying “I love Disney!” and at the end of the day one of the younger supervisors said “I like you shirt, that’s a nice shirt” in a secret “we’re both nerds, and I’m in that fandom too” sort of way without saying more. Which gave me a bit of a boost that it’s ok to be a professional who likes nerdy/childish things. 

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